Generalized Trust, Cultural Diversity and Institutions
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A Longitudinal and Experimental Study

Results 2013

International Conference: The Crisis of Political Trust in Post-Communist Democracies,
Cluj Napoca 2013

Associations and social capital, social networks and social exchange. to be published as Ch. 62. of the Palgrave Research Handbook of Volunteering and Nonprofit Associations.
Voices of Discontent: Student Protest Participation in Romania. Communist and PostCommunist Studies (impact factor 0,36).
The ups and downs of migration: factors that shape generalized trust among Romanian migrants in Italy and Spain. submitted to Journal of International Migration and Integration.
Social trust, diversity and school: a longitudinal study of youth. submitted to Communist and PostCommunist Studies
Ideological Profiles in the Making: Issue Stances of Youth in Romania, Canada and Belgium.Young-Nordic Journal of Youth Research (Impact factor 0,44)
The Political Representation of Salient Issues. Polish Sociological Review (ISI Thomson Reuters ranked journal)
Jan van Deth (lead author), Gabriel Badescu, Bob Edwards, Rosemary Leonard, Alisa Moldavanova, Michael Woolcock.
Toma Burean and Gabriel Badescu
Paul Sum and Gabriel Badescu
Gabriel Badescu and Paul Sum
Toma Burean
Toma Burean


Book chapters
Submitted articles


Paper presented at the European Consortium for Political Research Joint Sessions, Workshop 3: The Politics of Provocation: Citizen Involvement and Institutional Reforms Across the Globe Mainz, Germany March 11-17. 2013.
Toma Burean and Gabriel Badescu - Online and Offline Political Participation in Romania
Paper accepted at the "Media and Democracy: Central Eastern Europe in a comparative context" Conference. Oxford University, 09-11 July 2013.
Gabriel Badescu and Daniela Angi. How do social trust impact the relationship between media and democracy.
Paper accepted at the European Consortium for Political Research General Conference, Bordeaux, France September 4-7 2013.
George Jiglau, Toma Burean and Gabriel Badescu. The Ideological Mapping of Political Parties in Romania. The Relationship between Dimensions of Competition and Ideological Consistency.
Paper accepted at the 8th Pan European Conference on International Relations, Panel on: Crisis and its interprets in new EU member countries, Warsaw, Poland, September 17-21, 2013
Toma Burean and Gabriel Badescu. The Effects of Economic Crisis and Austerity Measures on Political Culture in Romania.
Paper accepted at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association Chicago, USA, August 29 September 1st 2013.
Toma Burean. Online Activism and Protest in Romania.