Generalized Trust, Cultural Diversity and Institutions

A Longitudinal and Experimental Study

Results 2014
„Political culture in Romania”, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik. Berlin. November 2014
„The evolution of generalized trust and income inequality”, Institut International des Sciences Administratives (IISA), KU Leuven. June 2014.
"Civic Apathy versus Civic Involvement: a study on the Romanian youth", CEEISA (Central and Eastern European International Studies Association), editia 10, Cluj Napoca, 12-14 June 2014
“The Political Representation of Salient Issues”, Third edition of the Transylvanian Political Science Conference. Interpretations of democracy in Central and Eastern Europe, 21-22 February 2014. Conference programme:
„The Political Participation and Preferences of Diaspora. The Effect of Economic Crisis and Improved Voting Conditions on Electoral Behavior and Turnout.”, presented at the conference „Nationalist Responses to Economic and Political Crises” din Central European University, Budapest, Hungary 12-14 June2014
Gabriel Badescu
Gabriel Badescu
Toma Burean
Daniela Angi
Toma Burean

Conference and workshop presentations

Published papers

Voices of Discontent: Student Protest Participation in Romania. Accepted for publication in Communist and Postcommunist Studies. ISI (Impact factor 0.11)
Burean, Toma, Gabriel Badescu. 2014
Romanian scholarly productivity: Recent history and recommendations. Accepted for publication in Higher Education Research & Development
Robert Ives, Gabriel Badescu. 2014
The Effects of Economic Crisis and Austerity Measures on Political Culture in Romania. Research in Social Change. Vol.6, No.1. 2014. 5-43
Burean, Toma, Gabriel Badescu. 2014
The long lasting effects of the economic crisis on political culture. Politics in Central Europe. Vol. 10, No. 1. 2014.
Burean, Toma, Csongor Erno Szocs, Gabriel Badescu. 2014
„The Impact of Deliberative Pedagogies on the Civic Competences and Values of Youngsters in Romania”, Volumul conferintei, The Contexts of Communication. Identity and Interculturality Today (ISBN: 978-606-8624-29-7, Arhipelag XXI Press, Tîrgu Mures, 2014), va fi supus evaluarii ISI-Thomson Reuters în vederea includerii în Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI) – Web of Knowledge, în regim de Proceedings Papers.
Greab, Carmen Gabriela
„The Political Inclusion Romanian Migrants. Turnout and Voting Behavior in Romanian Elections”, presented at the conference “Inclusive Society: Poland, Norway, Europe” , Colegium Civitas, Warsaw, Poland, 6-7 October 2013
Toma Burean
“Participarea studentilor la protestele din Romania”, Conferin?a anuala a Societa?ii de Antropologie Sociala ?i Culturala (SASC), edi?ia a XI-a, 21-22 noiembrie Cluj
Toma Burean
“The Impact of Deliberative Pedagogies on the Civic Competences of Youngsters in Romania. A Quasi-experimental study”, prezentata la The International Scientific Conference. Communication, Context and Interdisciplinarity, 23-24 octombrie 2014, Universitatea Petru Maior, Targu-Mures, Romania.
Carmen Gabriela Greab
“The Political Representation of Salient Issues” Polish Sociological Review - ISI Journal; Accepted, to be published in 2015.
Burean, Toma

Work in progress

”Good Citizenship and Political Participation in Romania”
Angi, Daniela & Carmen Greab
“Democratic Education, Deliberative Pedagogy and Teacher Development. A Case Study from Romania”
Greab, Carmen Gabriela

Other indicators

Submitted papers

Media commitments and trust in Europe. Effects of media systems on generalized and institutional trust. submitted to the NISPAcee Journal of Public Administration and Public Policy

Badescu, Gabriel, Daniela Angi. 2014
The 2014 European elections in Romania. Submitted to Political Preferences
Burean, Toma, Horia Lupu, Gabriel Badescu. 2014.
International Research Project, Kettering Foundation, Dayton – United States of America. Her participation was made possible through the framework "Civic Education of Young People". 2-4 April 2014.
Greab, Carmen Gabriela

Project summary 2014

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