Generalized Trust, Cultural Diversity and Institutions

A Longitudinal and Experimental Study

TOMA BUREAN is teaching assistant at Babes-Bolyai University, Political Science Department in Cluj. He has an MA in Political Science at CEU, Budapest. He is A PhD candidate at the Graduate School for Social Research, Polish Academy of Sciences. His research interests include political representation, political behavior, youth political attitudes and voting rights of migrants.
DANIELA ANGI is Research Assistant at the Political Science Department -FSPAC. She holds a BA in Sociology, an MA Degree in Sociology from CEU Warsaw (2002) and a PhD from Graduate School of Social Research / Institute of Philosophy and Sociology from the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw. Daniela Angi was involved in scientific research projects, as well as applied projects, on issues related to civic participation of youth, civic education, non-formal education and public participation. Her research interests include the comparative study of civil society in new democracies.
CARMEN GREAB is researcher at Political Science Department at UBB and PHD candidate in sociology. She recently had a 6 months fellowship on Education and deliberative practices, Kettering Foundation in Dayton, USA. Her major research interests are represented by the study of civic education and its effects on civic and political socialization of youngsters, as well as the study on recent practices in civic and political participation. In this sense, Carmen Greab and Daniela Angi have recently been part of a team which wrote a research project about civic education in Romania. The main objective of that project is to assess the formative effects of schools and democratic education on youth democratic values and civic skills, as well as to provide a comprehensive view of civic education curriculum and related institutional practices in Romania. In addition, she was recently involved in a pilot program of introducing participatory budgeting in Cluj-Napoca.
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